About Us

It all started when one of the co-founders (Joseph) was searching for the best headphones for 2016. There were too many sites and too many videos showing confusing options or else they had hidden agenda behind pushing out a specific headphone set.

He ended up buying the Beats Studio, but although they were the most good looking headset, he was not amazed by the sound quality. He wished he bought the Bose QC35. Because of this, one of our first product comparison guide was about wireless headphones for 2017.

Hence why this website was launched. We review the latest products and come up with the best list for each niche to make sure that you buy the product that suits you best. Most products are made of high quality today, so it’s not a matter of which one is the best, as everyone have different opinion, taste or needs; it’s more about what suits you best. And that’s what we try to do, we review the top products, highlight their pros and cons and in return this will make you decision easier about which product you need to buy.


Meet the PCW Team

Joseph is the ‘tech guy’. He spends his Saturday nights playing on his pc. He is the mastermind of what products we place on top and the one who reviews most of our products that we compare. If you ask a technical question, Joseph will be the one who gets back to you!


Jason is the content writer. He takes Joseph expert opinion and adds tips for each niche that we review. He hated technology when he was young, and became a writer so he wouldn’t need technology. Funnily enough he ended up writing, online, and about technological products!


Fiona is our web developer. She design our sites with the latest technology, and makes sure that we have no bugs, (or if we have a bug she calls it a feature – classic devs!) She also makes sure that our site works perfect on mobile, as we are aware that most users are using smartphones to search for the latest tech products.


Keen to talk to us? Use the contact us form and we will get back to you asap!